August 12th, 2014

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крылатая ладья

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Long sinsce angels passed here
Through these naked grey old trees
On the ground lie the bones
Of our fathers from the east

Down by the cold water
You can hear all their despare
Whispering chants
Telling tales of bravest men

Decisions of thy fortune
Made words written on these stones
Preys to the night
Thus became all greatest songs

Resting by the fire
In the middle of the night
These songs gather voices
You can hear through the light

We have sailed all over the ocean
We have travelled across the land
Rest by the fire
We have fought hand in hand

Tonight the bravest gather
And there i shell stand
To sing the song of glory
All over again and agian

Crys of all the angels
Makes the kings go to sleep
From the kingdome of thy dawn
To the realms of the deep

Lands filled with dark soil
Underneath resting men
To these day we all praise them
With songs of the damned

Taingled rusted swords
Laying down by their arms
For the last thing they'v heard
Was the clash on the ground

For all those we have painted
With our pride and despare
Taking ledgend by legdend
Writing songs giving fame


Кто бы знал?
The notes we left
Записи, что мы оставили,
Our final thoughts
Наши последние мысли...
And we knew they'd get us out
Ведь мы знали, что нас вытащат отсюда...

Sink, sink
Тонем, идём ко дну,
Drowned by our country
Потопленные своей же страной.
Old machine
Старый корабль,
Is cursed and forgotten
Проклят и забыт,
Never surface again
Уже никогда он не покажется на поверхности...

The air runs out
Воздух кончается -
The captain's first
Капитан первый.
So we take to memories
И вот мы погружаемся в воспоминания
And layers of clothes
На настиле из одежды...

Up there the family waits
Там, наверху, нас ждут семьи.
And outside we heard hammers
Снаружи мы услышали стук молотков,
Noises sound like the end
Звучащий, как погребальная мелодия.
And we will never see them
Мы никогда их больше не увидим...

Sink, sink
Тонем, идём ко дну,
Drowned by our country
Потопленные своей же страной.
Great machine
Великий корабль
Is cursed, old and rotten
Проклят, стар и прогнил,
Never surface again.
Уже никогда он не покажется на поверхности...